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I got following error message for several days, as my server tried to send a message to an emailadress at t-online.de:

host mx02.t-online.de[] refused to
talk to me: 554 IP=xx.xx.xx.xx - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster
for help or to contact tosa@rx.t-online.de to clarify.) (BL)

At several forums I read that this problem without the (BL) appendix occurs if you sent 100+ messages a day and/or they were spam. They say, after 24 hour, this quota will be set to zero again and you get unblocked automatically. But this did not happen. We were still blocked after 3 days.

Our server did not send any spam and was not compromised. Also, a possible reason could be redirect domains, e.g. user@example.com redirects to user@t-online.de . In this case, the hostmaster of example.com will be made "guilty" if he forwards spam he received. However, our server also uses no email forwarding, so this couldn't be the reason either.

Also, our server was not listed at any blacklists of ipvoid.com .

So, the question is why are we getting this error message and is our server probably compromised by hackers?
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Mitbegründer