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Projekte & DownloadsLychrel-Solver 1.4

This program is designed to solve Lychrel numbers. An initial number is added to its reverse number. After a few iterations a palindrome number should appear. But some initial values like 196 or 1997 seem to have no solution. These numbers are called Lychrel numbers.

The program works fast and is very user friendly. It can run with Windows, works silently in the background and automatically saves the results. Maybe this program will find a solution of some Lychrel numbers in the future.

- FULL Istvan-Standard-Formating (ISF) support
- CRC-16, MOD9, FileLength and correct InitialValue Check
- GUI user interface
- Borland Delphi OpenSource
- Autosave after configurable number of digits
- Run with Windows-Function
- Run as background process
- Automatically save latest result when exiting program or at shut-down
- Additional cascade informations (1-Byte-Checksum of EVERY iteration) are saved to determinate if two lychrel numbers do merge into one thread.

More informations about lychrel numbers at www.p196.org.

Source code for Borland Turbo Delphi Win32 included.
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Mitbegründer